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Some experiences are difficult to be described in words. More so, when they exceed expectations. The
experience with Realty BnB was one such experience for us. They understood our need for a well-
equipped co-working space and planned all details meticulously. A great handing over and a lot of effort
behind the screen is what defines them. They also handed it to us at the promised time but did not
compromise on the quality. Very big thanks to the team for all their efforts.

Mr. N Dhir

RBnB is a very novel concept. The dedication and hard work put in by the team along with their
experience in the real estate domain is evident by their success and reach. A lot of other websites
dealing with property advertisements should imbibe much from these professional service providers.
Personally, I am very satisfied with the quality and response. The fact that their website is linked to
Google maps makes it all the more easy to find the right space one wishes for. Wishing this amazing
team all the success in their endeavor.

Aman Thakral

I was looking at finalizing a co-working space for my new venture. After much research I contacted
Realty BnB and that is where my search for a great work space ended. The information on the site was
specific to my needs and I instantly found what I was looking for. The team behind this company is
extremely courteous and helpful and I managed to strike the right deal which was not only as per what I
wanted but also within my budget. They are the one of the best in the commercial property business.
Wishing them all the best.

Devendar Gaur

I have dealt with a number of real estate companies so far in my quest for that perfect serviced office
space. However, the experience with Realty BnB is worth mentioning. They know their job, are very
professional in their approach, completely transparent, and flexible. Their sound negotiations and good
advice was what helped me close the deal in the right manner and at the appropriate time. They also
helped me with the entire paperwork so that it could be done without any hassles. I will surely
recommend their services to anyone who is looking for perfect advice and help with commercial real
estate deals.

Narender Arya

Having landed from the US and setting up our office, we were in dire need of someone who could help
us close the right commercial space. Our search ended when we got in touch with Realty BnB. They
patiently showed us through various properties. With their efforts and perseverance and definitely the
right approach, we were finally able to close a good deal. They never coaxed us to rush into a decision
tried to rush us into a decision. Even after all formalities were over, they kept in regular touch to ensure
that we have a smooth transition. I would absolutely give them five stars.

V k Sajjan

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