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Realty BNB works for investors, property owners, and corporates from around India, with a focus on investment sales in major urban metros. Realty BNB is a web portal, where one can easily find matching requirement related to Business center, Services Office Space, Co-working, and bare-shell office space of all sizes and for any terms...

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Best Locations to get office in Gurgaon and New Delhi

Wondering where to set up your new office? Whether you are expanding or are a fresh startup, finding the right location for workspace is a challenge, especially in a crowded city like Gurgaon or New Delhi. Getting office space in a prime location not only helps build

Finalizing an office space: what should you consider?

Your venture is all set to take off and you are expanding the team. If the team is expanding, there is naturally a need to move into a new office space. However, office layouts, blueprints, cost-per-square feet, lease agreements, etc. are sure to take your time because they are concepts

Types of Commercial Real Estate Leases

Commercial real estate leases are organized around two rent calculation methods: \"net\" and \"gross.\" In a gross lease, a tenant pays one lump sum for rent, which the landlord uses to pay his expenses. The net lease has a smaller base rent and the other expenses are paid for by the tenant. A combination of these two kinds of leases is the modified gross lease.
grow with space

Giving your business a good space to grow in

Placing your business in a good location is one of the critical steps in transforming it into something big. And it is not just about the location, it is about finding the right place where your customers will be able to locate and approach you easily. While being well within your budget, it should also place your business
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